Rare Breed Pork

We are producers of traditional rare breed free range pork. The breed used is the Oxford Sandy & Black Pig; this breed was originally developed some two centuries ago in Oxfordshire. They are traditional outdoor pigs, which are used to roaming free in woodlands, rough grazing and pasture. They produce excellent succulent pork.

Our pigs are kept in small groups and are allowed to roam freely over the land. They can route around amongst the oak, apple and hazel trees, they are fed GM free and drug free pig pellets supplied locally.

The Oxford Sandy & Black Pig colouring can range from pale sandy to rust with random black patches; they have white blaze feet and tassel and are a medium to large pig.

The breed is noted for its many qualities, particularly its excellent temperament and mothering abilities. They produce meat of very high quality and flavour (the markings do not go through to the meat).

In September 2009 we purchased our Gloucester Old Spot Boar, Megan has named him George. He has two new female sows called Peppa and Rosy. Peppa is a Berkshire sow and Rosy is an Oxford Sandy & Black sow.

In November 2009 we purchased another three sows, named Suzy,Jessica and Nia, to keep George company whilst Peppa and Rosy are in pig.

Our pigs are supplied as:

The Half Pig – the most cost-effective way to purchase our pork. The meat is butchered up to your specifications and the package is priced purely on weight.

Weaners sometimes available

Suckling Pig - please contact us for availability