Herdwick Lamb

During August 2007 we purchased a small flock of herdwick sheep. At the moment we have twenty ewes, seven fat lambs and one ram, which Zak has named 'Sam the Ram'. This spring we have begun lambing and hopefully will increase our stock gradually over the years. Zak held his first lamb in March 2008.

Herdwick sheep are the native breed of the central and western Lake District and live on the highest of mountains. They are extremely hardy and are managed in the traditional way on the Lake District fells that have been their home for generations.

The word "Herdwyck", meaning sheep pasture, is recorded in documents going back to the 12th century. Herdwick sheep are the hardiest of all Britain’s breeds of hill sheep, grazing the central and western dales of the Lake District with fells running to over three thousand feet.

Herdwick meat is renowned for its distinctive taste and eating quality – a natural result of the lambs maturing slowly. The meat is succulent, tender and tasty with a more gamey flavour than conventional lamb. And we are not just saying this; a scientific study by Bristol University showed that the taste and texture of Herdwick lamb was superior to lamb from lowland breeds and that the meat contained beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids.

Herdwick Lamb is deliciously tasty, delicately flavoured and reared completely naturally on our farm.

Our lamb is not mass-produced, factory farmed or force fed but slow matured – it is ready, when it is ready.

This stress free environment and high standard of animal welfare produces a meat of exceptional eating quality, with a fuller flavour and succulent texture.