We are based in the Cambrian Mountains in Mid Wales.  All our beef is reared localling in Montgomeryshire on natural grassland during the summer months and brought in during the winter and fed on homeproduced locally grown traditional feeds. Sustainable livestock production in Mid Wales has been a feature here for sometime and frames the landscape of Mid Wales and the Cambrian Mountains and will continue to do so for future generations to come .

The selected animals are processed in a local abattoir only 2 miles from our farm, which complies with the highest of standards of animal welfare and hygiene. The meat is matured on the bone for approx 3 weeks to enhance the flavour and taste before been butchered by our local experienced butcher, Williams Family Butchers based in Llanidloes.

We are only a small farm, which produces our own free range chicken and pork, and grass fed lamb, we are working closely with local farmers and our local butcher, so we can offer quality montgomeryshire beef too.  We have full traceability of all our products and visit the local farms to choice exactly the beef animals we require.